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Product Range


Our powertrain range covers major components including engines and cylinder heads in a variety of dress levels and our extensive manual gearbox range.


VEGE offer a massive range of aftermarket exchange petrol & diesel engines for all makes & models.


We believe that VEGE’s availability is second to none, in most cases cylinder heads are available from our extensive European stocks.


VEGE’s extensive exchange remanufactured gearbox range covers almost all 5 & 6-speed manual transmissions in the car & light commercial sector.

Service items

Service items offer the customer a fast fix to avoid valuable downtime; our service range includes turbochargers, diesel injection equipment and brake calipers.


VEGE is not tied to one car producer or turbo manufacturer, we are a truly independent supplier of ‘all-makes’ quality turbochargers to the European Aftermarket.

Diesel Products

We have always believed that if a hard-working diesel engine requires replacement, then the injection equipment may also require attention.

Brake Calipers

Most production vehicles now include four-wheel disc brakes with the calliper forming the heart of the braking system.