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Remanufactured Brake Calipers

VEGE Remanufactured Brake Calipers

Most production vehicles now include four-wheel disc brakes with the calliper forming the heart of the braking system.

Like the rotor and pads, brake caliper components wear over time, in such a safety-critical system calipers have become a service item which can be easily replaced.

VEGE remanufactured brake callipers offer a great cost-saving over a new OEM part and are assembled to the same performance as new brake calipers, ensuring that the exchange caliper delivered is suited to the precise performance requirements of the customer vehicle.

Brake Caliper Production

The process begins with the old core units being completely dismantled, with the end goal of protecting the calliper from corrosion and to provide a distinctive and glossy finish we use a thermal surface treatment for cast iron calliper bodies and a shot blasting treatment for aluminium bodies.

Integrated handbrake callipers are drilled and new brass bushings are inserted, resulting in a longer life span. Springs, holders and levers are visually checked and Teflon is used on the glide system allowing for lower friction on the sliding bolts.

Only units which pass stringent checks against OE tolerances and alignment move on to the assembly process where new pistons and rubber seals are fitted as standard. A corrosive-resistant finish is applied to ensure the longevity of the calliper and gives the finished product a consistent look.

We guarantee that every calliper is tested at both high & low pressure and that rigorous and stringent leak tests ensure the callipers functionality.

VEGE Remanufactured Brake Calipers 2
VEGE Remanufactured Brake Calipers 2

Installation Advice

As a safety-critical component we strongly advise that our brake callipers are only fitted by authorised, fully trained mechanics in garages or workshop that have the necessary skill-set & equipment to carry out the work.

Download our Installation Advice PDF

VEGE Warranty


VEGE products are available for purchase through selected VEGE Distributors only- we do not retail to the end-user.

Our warranty is expressly business to business, its terms should be discussed with your local distributor.

Download our Warranty Guidelines PDF

VEGE Exchange System

Exchange System

VEGE has developed a fast, efficient exchange system – core is the raw material of our trade, it keeps our production moving.

To return an exchange item simply:

  • Drain off oil and coolants (where applicable) remembering to replace drain plugs
  • Place your exchange unit in the packaging provided and repack in exactly the same way as your new product arrived.

Contact your supplier to arrange collection.

Download our Core Return Advice PDF