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Remanufactured Cylinderheads

VEGE offers the automotive aftermarket an ever-growing range of quality products, today we offer a massive range of cylinderheads in a selection of dress levels; all sold on an exchange basis.

We believe that VEGE’s availability is second to none, in most cases cylinder heads are available from our extensive European stocks.

Our customer-driven cylinder head solutions include a choice of three dress levels;

  • Complete cylinderhead – with valves springs and camshaft.
  • Semi-complete cylinderhead – with valves and springs only.
  • Bare cylinderhead casting only.

Cylinderhead Production

The process begins with an extensive pre-production inspection; the core heads are subjected to a thorough visual inspection; checking for external cracks and damage that would deem them unsuitable for remanufacturing.

Once we have identified the premium quality core, it is moved to a dedicated dismantling & cleaning area away from production to ensure that there is no danger of contamination in production. After cleaning, our cylinder heads are subject to further visual inspection to check once again for damage and possible cracks that may not have been apparent when the head was dirty.

Camshaft bores, threaded holes and lifter bores are checked and where necessary straightened or machined to tolerance. After all machining operations are complete the cylinder head is subject to a final cleaning prior to assembly.

Final assembly is done using new, OE quality seals and gaskets. After the cylinder head has passed our final examination it is packaged with foam inlays to ensure the product arrives with the customer, free from transport damage.

Installation Advice

We strongly advise that our products are only fitted by authorised, fully trained mechanics in garages or workshop that have the necessary skill-set & equipment to carry out the work.

Download our Installation Advice PDF

VEGE Warranty


VEGE products are available for purchase through selected VEGE Distributors only – we do not retail to the end-user.

Our warranty is expressly business to business, its terms should be discussed with your local distributor.

Top Tip: To prevent repetition of engine damage, the failure of the old engine should be diagnosed and action taken as necessary.

Download our Warranty Guidelines PDF

VEGE Exchange System

Exchange System

VEGE has developed a fast, efficient exchange system – core is the raw material of our trade, it keeps our production moving.

To return an exchange item simply:

  • Drain off oil and coolants (where applicable) remembering to replace drain plugs
  • Place your exchange unit in the packaging provided and repack in exactly the same way as your new product arrived.

Contact your supplier to arrange collection.

Download our Core Return Advice PDF