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Remanufactured Diesel Products

VEGE Remanufactured Diesel Products 3

We have always believed that if a hard-working diesel engine requires replacement, then the injection equipment may also require attention.

With that in mind, VEGE offers the automotive aftermarket an ever-growing range of diesel injectors and pumps.

VEGE’S highly skilled ‘in house diesel shop’ boasts regular orders from some of the world’s largest car manufacturers. In most cases, pumps and injectors are available from our extensive European stocks.

Pumps and Injector Production

The process begins with the old core units being completely dismantled before being submitted to a unique cleaning process that ensures the parts are free of dirt & debris and ready for remanufacturing.

After cleaning, if the individual parts are deemed suitable for remanufacturing, they are checked according to OE specifications. Certain crucial parts are not reused; the injector nozzle, for example, is replaced 100% of the time. The electrical components are tested and replaced if they fail our rigorous test standards.

Throughout this process, the pumps & injectors are kept together in sets as they pass from department to department. Each time a pump set passes from one department to another, it has to pass a quality audit.

Only when all separate parts have passed the last quality check, can final assembly of the unit take place. Cleanliness is essential in the delicate assembly process.

VEGE Remanufactured Diesel Products 2
VEGE Remanufactured Diesel Products 2

Installation Advice

We strongly advise that our products are only fitted by authorised, fully trained mechanics in garages or workshop that have the necessary skill-set & equipment to carry out the work.

Download our Installation Advice PDF

VEGE Warranty


VEGE products are available for purchase through selected VEGE Distributors only – we do not retail to the end user.

Our warranty is business to business, its terms should be discussed with your local distributor.

Download our Warranty Guidelines PDF

VEGE Exchange System

Exchange System

VEGE has developed a fast, efficient exchange system – core is the raw material of our trade, it keeps our production moving.

To return an exchange item simply:

  • Drain off oil and coolants (where applicable) remembering to replace drain plugs
  • Place your exchange unit in the packaging provided and repack in exactly the same way as your new product arrived.

Contact your supplier to arrange collection.

Download our Core Return Advice PDF