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Remanufactured Engines

VEGE Remanufactured Engines

VEGE offer a massive range of aftermarket exchange petrol & diesel engines for all makes & models, wherever possible we supply from stock to avoid valuable downtime of the vehicle.

Vege remanufactured petrol engines are usually sold complete from sump to rocker cover and in all cases arrive without ancillary items, these are simply transferred from the original engine to the new replacement Vege engine before fitting into the vehicle.

Where possible Vege remanufactured diesel engines are offered in three dress levels;

  • Complete – an engine supplied with diesel pump and injectors.
  • With injection – an engine supplied with diesel injectors.
  • Bare – engine without diesel pump and injectors but complete in every other way.

Engine Production

Our engine remanufacturing process begins with the disassembly of the donor unit (old core), it is stripped back to component parts for inspection and cleaning before our engineers begin the skilled process of remanufacturing.

Every Vege engine comprises of a mix of quality new and selected remanufactured components, we are proud of our green credentials and wherever possible we will re-engineer major items like the block and cylinder head.

Throughout the re-assembly, our engines have to pass rigorous quality tests at every stage of the rebuilding process. After the final cosmetic finishes are completed, engines are carefully packed into ‘frames’ or crates ready for dispatch around the world.

Installation Advice

We strongly advise that our products are only fitted by authorised, fully trained mechanics in garages or workshop that have the necessary skill-set & equipment to carry out the work.

Re-manufactured engines are generally supplied for fitment to vehicles of high mileage therefore it is essential that pre-installation checks are performed.

Download our Installation Advice PDF

VEGE Warranty


VEGE products are available for purchase through selected VEGE Distributors only – we do not retail to the end-user.

Our warranty is expressly business to business, its terms should be discussed with your local distributor.

Top Tip: To prevent repetition of engine damage, the failure of the old engine should be diagnosed and action taken as necessary.

Download our Warranty Guidelines PDF

VEGE Exchange System

Exchange System

VEGE has developed a fast, efficient exchange system – core is the raw material of our trade, it keeps our production moving.

To return an exchange item simply:

  • Drain off oil and coolants (where applicable) remembering to replace drain plugs
  • Place your exchange unit in the packaging provided and repack in exactly the same way as your new product arrived.

Contact your supplier to arrange collection.

Download our Core Return Advice PDF